Introducing lots of new goodies

that are sure to inspire you

TexArt Creative is a haven for the Embroiderer and Textile Artist who just loves to experiment.

Sue has spent many years, inspiring and encouraging students to develop their skills and many have gone on to exhibit and sell their work. That is what this site is all about, we offer items to add to a stash to inspire you, maybe not today but almost certainly in the near future, with the emphasis on “small portions”, if you are unlikely to use it all, why buy a metre! 

*With that in mind we have created the Five+Four YOU range that is a pack of 5 fabric pieces and 4 threads, all hand-dyed, all entirely unique and carefully colour co-ordinated by Sue. See Project Packs

*We have also introduced dinky packs of Merino Wool in a whole host of exciting colours, just enough for feltmaking and embellishing. See Fibres

*and if that is not enough to inspire you, how about a skein-or-two of the vivid colours in our range of Sari Yarns. See Threads

*We also just added a range of Hand-Dyed Mulberry Bark, each piece and its gorgeous colours, is unique.See Fibres

*and do not forget our Bleached Mulberry Bark, a versatile material that has captured the imagination of so many, that we have become the premier supplier. See Fibres