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Passion for Stitch

I guess I learnt to thread a needle before I could write my name. As a child I was always making new clothes for my teddy from whatever scraps of fabric were available. When I was 11 years old, Mother inherited a Treadle Sewing Machine but when she failed to progress beyond running it backwards, she gave up with it. However, like most children, I was curious and quickly learnt to make clothes for myself but nobody told me that I should only stitch fabrics and I was soon experimenting with other materials and if I could not get a needle through it, I would couch it. Whilst that machine has long since gone, I somehow never lost my love for exploring all the opportunities offered by the sewing machine.  

I started my formal training over 25 years ago, acquiring a variety of craft skills and leading up to C&G Diploma in Stitched and Constructed Textiles, which, after gaining my Certificate in Adult Education, I went on to teach up to Diploma level, until recently.  I have been well schooled in both traditional and contemporary skills and when not trying to push a machine to its limits am equally at home doing hand embroidery, be it, traditional or contemporary. With all my Courses and Workshops, I encourage students to be brave, experiment, follow their inspiration and above all, have fun. There are no mistakes, only opportunities! 

Over a number of years I have put together a diverse range of Courses, Workshops and Lectures and to overcome the frustration of students turning up with no materials, I developed a range of hand-dyed threads and fabrics and themed fabric selection packs, so all they need to turn up with, is their enthusiasm. Those, together with all sorts of other items are all available in the TexArt Creative Shop

You don't have to be an addict to be here but you ought to be aware that lots of us find it quite a habit!

I am Sue Sercombe and together with the active involvement of husband Mike, we are, TexArt Creative.  


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