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Inspiration, you never know when

I guess that it will not be long before I replace the trusty notebook and pencil, which always manages to find its way to the very bottom of my handbag, with a brand-new smartphone or tablet but until then old technology accompanies me at all times. It first came out in Macdonald's, Swindon, 1985, where inspired by a wall hanging, I headed for home with a sketch and notes. Old habits die hard!

Mike has been busy in the workshop making an oak frame, with concealed lighting, to take my latest project. A rather attractive piece, caught my attention in a upmarket gift shop in Scarborough. I find that taking photographs rarely brings out the best in shop proprietors, whereas a hand-written sketch and a few accompanying words has an altogether different effect.

On a recent visit to Carcassonne, France I spied a small moulded piece of plaster, it carries a fragrance and it is for hanging in the wardrobe. Standing at the shop till, hubby with "wrinkled-brow", I explained that this was for inspiration. I call the final result,  "Burlesque" and it is a Scissor Keeper, which I have displayed in the Gallery

Now, this is not to say that my beautiful piece of original art is merely a direct copy of some gift shop item, knocked-up in a sweaty workshop in a place whose name I cannot pronounce. That would be entirely wrong. No, I always explore all the possibilities, experiment, take the entire subject apart until I am able to reveal the jewel that lies within.

It does not always work out to my satisfaction but we all need inspiration from somewhere and you never know when or where that may come from, so never leave home without the notebook.

Some delightful work from Australia

In my travels I get to meet and chat with a lot of textile art folk. Some want to show off their finished work, the result of sleepless nights and hours of work, or, they seek help for an item they pull discreetly from a carrier bag and for which there appears to be no future. I like to think that they get my attention whatever their mission. However, as the TexArt Creative community spreads, even beyond the British shores, the chances of me seeing what you folk are achieving, diminishes. That is why we set up the TexArt Creative Gallery at and that is why we are so keen to display the work of Kerry Hemmingsen from Perth, Western Australia. Her work is so different to mine and I guess, yours too. We will be delighted to pass on any comments to Kerry, of course and you too can display your creations in the Gallery. You can even upload them yourself, if you wish.

Sue Sercombe


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