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Hand-Dyed Cotton Scrim

Cotton scrim is a soft, very loose weave fabric that is easily pulled and distorted. It is a good one for using with the embellisher or for creating fine texture when couching or applique.

I dye the fabric in metre lengths and cut to sell as two half metre pieces. When two pieces are ordered, you will invariably receive the original metre length. Do please be aware, however, that the fabric will shrink slightly in the dyeing process and it is presented un-ironed.

One Piece provides a nominal 97 x 61cm

Two pieces (supplied in one length) provides a nominal 97 x 122cm 

Space-dyeing my fabrics I often use a number of dyes to achieve a unique array of colours, often demonstrating subtle changes where colour distribution and markings are unique to each individual piece.  

Always remember that, in common with all hand-dyed products, colour fastness cannot be guaranteed.


Hand-Dyed Cotton Scrim CS01067

Cotton Scrim Pieces

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