The Fibres Collection

Bleached Mulberry Bark

Bleached Mulberry Bark

Bleached Mulberry Bark can enhance the creativity of the Embroiderer, the Flower Arranger, the Installation Artist.

The attractive, complex fibrous nature of our Bleached Mulberry Bark in the hands of the creative user can either add small textural insets to their artwork or become the framework of an entire installation. Harvested from the Asian Mulberry, its traditional method of preparation ensures much of the character of the original tree branch is retained, providing sheets varying in size, density and nature and shades from cream to white and inherent imperfections suddenly become a creative feature. A finer sheet can be achieved after soaking in water and any shaping you introduce, retained after drying. As an entirely natural product it will readily take your dye, silk paints or any other form of colouration. Hand-stitching is a joy and with machine-stitch you will not even need an embroidery hoop.

A typical piece would be 22cm at its widest with a length of around 120cm but orders will invariably contain examples of the widely varying nature though we are always willing to discuss any specific requirements you may have, before ordering.









Bleached Mulberry Bark







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