Project Kits

We have all sorts of exciting Project Kit ideas in various stages of development but something tells us that we are better to take our time and get it right. It has not got quite the same gravity as introducing a new prescription drug but we obviously have no interest in having part finished products lurking at the bottom of a drawer somewhere. We will let Sue's students give them the "thumbs-up", first.

Please be patient. It is just as likely that by the time you have completed your Scissor Keeper we will have other Kits to tempt you and to keep those fingers forever nimble.

Five Four YOU Collection

This collection of hand-dyed threads and fabrics are carefully co-ordinated by Sue to provide inspiration and wherewithal for your next experimental piece of work. Each pack is unique, in fact, so unique that once purchased it will disappear from...

Needle Felter's Pack

Comprising seven fabric pieces and a range of silk carrier rods, the carefully selected items in this pack offer huge potential to any Needle Felting project or to those embroiderer's who wish to experiment

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